Vision Productions are experienced producers of television content for major networks in New Zealand and Australia...

TV News & Sports Acquisition

Major breaking stories, local news content, or feel-good human interest stories, we have brought these to life with images, interviews and perspective. We are also particularly experienced in motorsport television with hundreds of television programs to our credit.

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Health & Safety Programs

Vision Productions are experienced producers of company, as well as industry-wide training programs. For twenty years the focus has primarily been two areas;

  • Safety and Health informational DVDs
  • Best Practice for Industry DVDs

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Corporate Media Production

The TV/Video medium is the ULTIMATE WAY to connect ideas, concepts, stories from a company to an audience. That’s why people spend so much time watching television.

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Technical Informationals

The technical and intellectual nature of many businesses makes training of staff in efficient and effective work skills a real challenge. Being able to DEMONSTRATE rather than describe is at the core of our use of moving picture media.

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Television Commercials

Vision Productions has provided affordable TV commercials which have greatly raised the profile of many companies – retail, service and manufacturers.

We can guide you through the first principles of effective advertising and assist you into an affordable TV schedule.

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Promotional Video Programs

Companies looking to gain a competitive edge as opposed to cutting their margin position themselves as a top performer with an excellent image. Promotional videos in their many forms provide the opportunity to reach an audience with power and passion not possible with print and audio-only media.

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